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Workshops and Tutorials | Monday 19 September 2022

PhD student attending the workshops will have the possibility to give a final exam to obtain ECTS

According to COVID-19 regulations, learning materials will only be distributed in digital format

available to be dowloaded from a dedicated website

Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Energy Efficiency and RF Communications

(Room - Aula 1C) Half day

Chair Matteo Meneghini (University of Padova, IT) 

Gallium Nitride in Power Electronics Converters. Motor drive, DC-DC, and Lidar

(Room - Aula 1C) Half day

Chair Marco Palma (Efficient Power Conversion, IT) 

Wafer-level 3D Stacked Imagers: Technologies and Sensors Architectures

(Room - Aula 1E)

Chair David Stoppa (Sony Semiconductor Solutions - Sony Europe B.V., IT)

BEOL Compatible Ferroelectric Device Technologies for Neuromorphic Computing

(Room - Aula 10)

Chairs David Esseni (University of Udine, IT), Stefan Slesazeck (NaMLab, DE)

Bosch - ASIC Development for MEMS Sensors - Challenges and Solution Approaches

(Room - Aula 1B)

Chair Dirk Droste (Bosch Sensortec, DE) 

A Year of Open Source MPWs: Review, Takeaways and Roadmap 

(Room - Aula 11

Chair Dennis Sylvester (University of Michigan, US) 

Wearable Applications and Artificial Intelligence Based on 2D materials

(Room - Aula 12)

Chairs Gianluca Fiori and Giuseppe Iannaccone (University of Pisa, IT)


Computing Architecture for AI

(Room - Aula 1A) 

Chair Bill McColl (Huawei Research, CH) 

Future of Short Reach Interconnect 

(Room - Aula 1F)

Chair Davide Tonietto (Huawei Technologies, CA) 

Dissemination Workshops

Smart Power Technologies and Applications

(Room - Aula 1D) Half day

Chair Andrea Natale Tallarico (University of Bologna, IT)

Embedded Artificial Intelligence (EAI) – Devices, Systems, and Industrial Applications

(Room - Aula 1D) Half day

Chairs Ovidiu Vermesan (SINTEF, NO)

Mario Diaz Nava (STMicroelectronics, FR),

Björn Debaillie (imec, BE) 

IPCEI Workshop

(Room - Aula 16) Half day

Chair Angelo Messina (STMicroelectronics, IT)

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