Workshops and Tutorials | Monday 19 September 2022

PhD student attending the workshops will have the possibility to give a final exam to obtain ECTS

Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Energy Efficiency and RF Communications

(Room TBA) Half day

Chair Matteo Meneghini (University of Padova, IT) 

Gallium Nitride in Power Electronics Converters. Motor drive, DC-DC, and Lidar

(Room TBA) Half day

Chair Marco Palma (Efficient Power Conversion, IT) 

Wafer-level 3D Stacked Imagers: Technologies and Sensors Architectures

(Room TBA)

Chair David Stoppa (Sony Semiconductor Solutions - Sony Europe B.V., IT)

BEOL Compatible Ferroelectric Device Technologies for Neuromorphic Computing

(Room TBA)

Chairs David Esseni (University of Udine, IT), Stefan Slesazeck (NaMLab, DE)

Bosch - ASIC Development for MEMS Sensors - Challenges and Solution Approaches

(Room TBA)

Chair Dirk Droste (Bosch Sensortec, DE) 

A Year of Open Source MPWs: Review, Takeaways and Roadmap 

(Room TBA)

Chair Dennis Sylvester (University of Michigan, US) 

Wearable Applications and Artificial Intelligence Based on 2D materials

(Room TBA)

Chairs Gianluca Fiori and Giuseppe Iannaccone (University of Pisa, IT)


Computing Architecture for AI

(Room TBA) 

Chair Bill McColl (Huawei Research, CH) 

Future of Short Reach Interconnect 

(Room TBA)

Chair Davide Tonietto (Huawei Technologies, CA)