Dissemination Workshop
Monday 19 September 2022


Smart Power Technologies and Applications

(Room TBA)


Andrea Natale Tallarico (University of Bologna, IT)

Andrea Natale Tallarico is senior assistant professor at the Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering "Guglielmo Marconi" at the University of Bologna. His main research interests include the characterization and modeling of the silicon and wide bandgap (GaN and SiC) power devices reliability.


R3-PowerUP is pushing through a new generation of 300mm Pilot Line Facility for Smart Power microelectronic technology in Europe, which will enable innovative and competitive solutions for energy saving and CO2 reduction, as well as sustainable environment through electric mobility and industrial power efficiency. Since the project is truly multi-disciplinary, the related workshop covers several applications driven solutions for automotive, electric mobility, renewable and smart energy, power conversion and industrial control, Industry 4.0 Fab automatization, and advanced innovative solutions for 3D System-in-Package.

08:30 - 08:40

Welcome and introduction

08:40 - 09:00

Smart Power and Power Discretes Hardware-software co-design on BLDC power driver development


Grzegorz Janczyk (Lukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics (Ł-IMiF)
Research Group of Integrated Circuits and System Design, PL)

Grzegorz Janczyk received  the  M.Sc.  degree  (with  honours)  and  Ph.D.  degree  in  electronic engineering from the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), Poland in 1999 and 2005 respectively. He was with the Institute of Microelectronics and Optoelectronics, VLSI Engineering and Design Automation Division (IMiO-WUT), at the same university in the period 2005-2018 as an Assistant Professor. In 2006 he joined Institute of Electron Technology (ITE). He is an Assistant Professor in ITE. Since 2012 he is Head of the  Department  of  Integrated  Circuits  and  Systems  in  ITE. Since 2020 je is Leader of the Integrated Circuis and Systems Design Research Group. His  main  Ph.D.  related interests  cover  device modelling  along  with  technological  SOI  fabrication  process  modelling  and  development  of  SOI-MOS transistor models. Multi-domain Verilog modelling using belongs to his professional interests. Statistical yield simulations and mismatch modelling are secondary field of interest. He is also C++ programmer. He is the leader and co-leader of several successfully concluded and ongoing international (European) and domestic (Polish)  projects  like  R3-PowerUp,  REACTION  and  already  concluded:  e-CUBES,  SE2A,  e-BRAINS, CORONA, PARSIMO, SMAC, SESBE, CarrICool, APRIL ParCour projects by FP6, FP7, H2020, ENIAC, ECSEL and domestic funds. Dr Grzegorz Janczyk is the author and co-author of more than 80 technical papers presented in journals and at conferences

09:00 -09:20

Micro-PhotoVoltaic Solar Crysrtal Converter


Luis Galván García-Pérez (University of Seville, Electronical Engineering Department, ES) 

Luis Galván was born in Seville in Spain, on January 24, 1985. He received the B.E degree in industrial engineering and the M.S. degree in electronics, signal processing and communications from the University of Seville (US), Spain in 2010 and 2015 respectively. He is currently working to obtain the Ph.D. in the same university. He has been working as a researcher in the Department of Electronic Engineering of the University of Seville since 2010. His field of research is power electronics, particularly the balance control of cascade converters and its application for renewable sources and storage systems.

09:20 - 09:40

Compact three-phase inverter for a BLDC motor with a sensorless control


Pavel Vorel (Brno University of Technology, CZ)

Pavel Vorel received his MSc Degree in Electronic Engineering in 1996 and PhD Degree in Electronic Engineering in 2000, both from the Brno University of Technology (BUT), Czech Republic. From 2000 he has been working as an assistant professor and from 2005 as an associate professor. Main fields of interest: analysis and design of power DC/AC, DC/DC converters including resonant and quasi-resonant, application with new power semiconductor devices (SiC, GaN), analysis and design of battery management systems, magnetic circuit design. He has coordinated many grants and projects, including European projects. His publications contain more than 100 scientific papers in journals and conference proceedings


09:40 - 10:00

New solutions for ALD equipment at 300 mm


Romain Sibois (Picosun Oy, FI) 

Romain Sibois has a PhD in systems engineering within the nuclear fusion field. HE joined Picosun in 2018 and is currently the product manager of the new flagship product of Picosun: Sprinter. Romain has coordinated the R3PowerUp activities within the company and was the R&D project leader for the development of the new 300mm high volume manufacturing ALD cluster tool. In addition to his previous role, he is also acting as the 300mm customer solution manager to ensure that our products will fully meet the expectations of our demanding customers.


10:00 - 10:30

Coffee Break 

10:30 - 10:50

An embedded system for Non Volatile Memories Validation: HD OTP case of study


Andrea Veggetti (STMicroelectronics, IT)

Andrea Mario Veggetti received his degree in computer science and microelectronics in 1994 from University of MILAN (IT). He joined STMicroelectronics Central R&D in 1996 starting from digital design and CAD development. Since 2001 he has been working on Testchip development for IPs validation and Ultra Low Power design and test. Starting from 2008 he has been actively working on Soft error characterization due to Ionizing Radiation. In 2011 he started working on Flash memories dsign and validation adopting ARM microcontroller as reference for testchip architecture. He has coauthored more than 10 articles and is the holder several patents in radiation hardening and Ultra Low Power Design.

10:50 - 11:10

Low-power analog circuits for Wake-up Radio in IoT nodes



Alessia Maria Elgani (ARCES-University of Bologna, IT)

Alessia M. Elgani earned a M.Sc. in Microelectronics from the University of Pavia, Italy in 2016. Over the course of 2016 and 2017, she carried out internships at Texas Instruments and ETH in Milan, Italy and Zurich, Switzerland, respectively. Ms. Elgani recently completed her Ph.D. at ARCES in Bologna, Italy and her main research interests include low-power Analog circuitry for the IoT.



11:10 - 11:30

PCM Memory IP in 90nm Smart Power


Marcella Carissimi (STMicroelectronics, IT)

Marcella Carissimi received the Laura Engineering Degree (Laude) in electronic engineering from Politecnico of Milano, Italy. She joined STMicroelectronics in 2001 and she has been involved in the design of Flash memory and Cost Effective NVM solution. Since 2015 she leads the project of embedded PCM memory design for BCD technology for consumer and automotive product in 90nm, and her research interest is about A-IMC on PCM memory in 28nm.

11:30 - 11:50

Hall-effect sensors in BCD10



Marco Crescentini (ARCES-University of Bologna, IT)

Marco Crescentini (M’10) received the Dr.Eng. degree (cum laude) in electronic engineering and the Ph.D. degree in information and technologies from the University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy, in 2008 and 2012, respectively. In 2009, he joined Infineon Technologies, Villach, Austria, as an intern, focusing on the performance analysis of dc–dc converters. Since 2016, he has been a Researcher/Assistant Professor of instrumentation and measurement with the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering “Guglielmo Marconi”, Cesena Campus, University of Bologna, Italy. He is a scientific member of the joint laboratory between STMicroelectronics and University of Bologna. His current research interests include the design of high-accuracy, low-noise, and broadband instrumentation for either biomedical or energy applications. Dr. Crescentini has authored/coauthored more than 40 peer-reviewed journal/conference technical papers and 3 international patents. He is a member of the IEEE SSCS and I&M societies, and of the Italian Association of Electrical and Electronic Measurement

11:50 - 12:00