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MILAN - Italy

Founded in 590 B.C., Milan is one of the most important Italian and European cities.

It is the Italian capital of finance (with the Stock Exchange site – La Borsa), of fashion and of design.

Milan is an Art city: the iconic Duomo, Castello Sforzesco, and Santa Maria delle Grazie with Leonardo’s ‘Last supper’ are only few of the several monuments to be visited in the city, where Leonardo da Vinci lived and left significant demonstration of his genius as collected and exhibited at the Technology National Museum Leonardo Da Vinci.

The music has its house at the La Scala theater where the most important Opera, classical music, and ballet artists gave significant performance. Moreover, Milan is site of several important annual exhibitions, like the Salone del Mobile (furniture exhibition), The Fashion Week, and the BIT (Borsa Internazionale del Turismo). All of these activities have been shown in 2015 when Milan hosted Expo2015 with more than 21 Millions visitors.


Several museums and art galleries attract fine arts experts, like Brera Pinacoteca, Museo del Novecento, and Fondazione Prada. Finally, the skyline of Milan has been recently enriched by interesting buildings in particular in Porta Nuova and City Life, where, for instance, the Bosco Verticale building was awarded with the ’2015 Best Tall Building Worldwide’. Milan movida is also attracting people at the Navigli, a system of water channels developed in the XIV century and now exploited for night life.

Milan is the most important Italian city from the industrial and  technological point of view, as for the number of high and medium-high technology companies. An “Italian Silicon Valley” with 6,160 companies operating in the high (1,500) and medium-high technology sectors for a total of 140 thousand employees. These strategic companies in the Italian economic system represent 26% of the number of companies in the Milan area, almost twice the national figure (14%). In this specific branch of the economy, electronics and scientific research play a fundamental role, used as they are in various high technology sectors: telecommunications, spacecraft, optical equipment, computer systems, pharmaceutical and chemical products, fibers, electric vehicles and boats. This industrial system is well connected with 7 Universities and various other institutes (like Brera Academia, IEO, Conservatory of Music, etc....). Among them, University of Milan-Bicocca, where ESSCIRC/ESSDERC 2022 will be held, is one of the youngest Universities (born in 1998) but already well recognized in the International ranking thanks to the results achieved in the field of research, innovation, technology transfer, and teaching. In this scenario, Milan is optimally connected with highly efficient transportation infrastructure, including, for instance, three airports operating flights with all the most important European and world-wide cities.




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