Invited Speakers


JOINT keynote presentations

The Future of Short Reach Interconnect: A Technology Perspective
Davide Tonietto (Huawei Technologies, CA)

Semiconductors Take the Driver’s Seat - Challenges and Opportunities for the Car of the Future

Tim Gutheit (Infineon Technologies, DE)

Integrated Circuits as Key Enabler for Today’s Smart MEMS Sensors
Markus Ulm (Bosch Sensortec, DE)


The Next “Automation Age”: How Semiconductor Technologies Are Changing Industrial Systems and Applications
Domenico Arrigo (STMicroelectronics, IT)


ESSDERC keynote presentations


IBM Quantum Computing Technology
Heike Riel (IBM Research Europe, CH)

The Promise and Challenges of Transistors with Low Dimensional Materials

Iuliana Radu (TSMC, TW)


SIC Power Device Mass Commercialization
Victor Veliadis (PowerAmerica/North Carolina State University, US)


ESSCIRC keynote presentations

Reminiscing through 40 Years of CMOS Analog Circuit Design: from Audio to THz

Rinaldo Castello (University of Pavia, IT)


From Less Batteries to Battery-Less: Enabling a Greener World through Ultra-Wide Power-Performance Adaptation via nWs and down to pWs

Massimo Alioto (National University of Singapore, SG)


Innovations for the Intelligent Edge

Vida Ilderem (Intel, US)